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JustLaptopBatteries.com is the leader in laptop batteries and notebook ac adapters. If you are searching for a laptop battery or notebook ac adapter for Gateway, IBM, Dell, or your HP laptop we have them in stock and available through our online store!

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Everyone is going green and recycling has never been so popular. We all need to play a role in keeping the environment clean and recycling as much as possible. Every person who does so then helps the world take another step toward a clean future. With the popularity of laptops also comes the element of old batteries. What should you do with your old battery? Recycling Dell laptop batteries is most certainly a part of the very important recycling process. If owning a Dell laptop you will want to understand the process of recycling Dell laptop batteries. Let’s take a look at your choices and how this can help the environment.

If you own a Dell laptop or notebook computer, you should know about the ways in which your old battery can be recycled. You may be tempted to simply throw away a battery that is no longer of use. However, the next time that battery dies on you, take a moment to think about this before you simply toss it out.

The first step that any Dell laptop owner should take is to contact Dell. You can do so directly from their website. There is a possibility that you may be able to replace your old, dead battery for a newer one at a reduced fee. In today’s economy, this can certainly be helpful. Dell has set up a special program called the Battery Program for this very specific reason. You must contact them to find out if qualify and it is certainly worth the few moments to do so.

Another option that you have if you wish to know about recycling dell laptop batteries is to contact or go to your local recycling plant. Many towns and cities have these specifically set up for the purpose of taking items such as batteries and finding better alternatives than throwing them away. There are many facilities set up that will take your old laptop battery and then ship it to a larger facility which actually then goes ahead with the recycling process.

Depending on where you live, there are also drop off areas set up for this purpose. Places such as food stores, book stores, convenience stores, schools and other places designate themselves as places where you can bring your old battery and they will take care of the rest. If you are not sure if there is such a place close to where you live, a quick search on the Internet will be able to let you know. In addition, your local city hall or other such local government should be able to offer you a list of choices.

Recycling Dell laptop batteries keeps the environment clean. One person may think that they do not make a difference. However, there are countless laptops users all across the world. If everyone chooses recycling over throwing away, this will help to preserve the environment for our children and their children. Batteries contain several components which can be used to manufacture other items. Nickel, cadmium and iron can all be taken out of old Dell batteries and used when creating stainless steel. In some cases, new batteries are made from the materials of old ones.

Every battery that is turned into Dell or brought to a recycling facility does make a difference. As a last note, old laptops themselves can be recycled and used in many ways. These would be dropped off at facilities in the same way that you choose for your batteries.

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