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HP Compaq Adapter for Presario M2000 Series

HP Compaq Adapter for Presario M2000 Series

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Manufacturer: Compaq/HP
This is a Brand New Original AC Adapter for HP Compaq Notebooks.

Part Numbers: 239428-001, 239704-001, 239705-001, 283884-001, 286755-001, 287515-001, 310744-001, 310744-002, 432309-001, EH642AA, HP-OL091B13, PPP014H, 239428-002, DC895A#ABA, DC895A.

Compatible Notebook Models:

Presario M2000 Series: M2000, M2000Z, M2001AP, M2001EA, M2002AL, M2002AP, M2003AP, M2004AP, M2005AP, M2005US, M2006AP, M2007AP, M2007US, M2008AP, M2009AP, M2010AP, M2010CA, M2010EA, M2010US, M2011AP, M2011EA, M2012AP, M2013AP, M2014AP, M2015AP, M2015LA, M2016AP, M2017AP, M2018AP, M2019AP, M2019EA, M2020AP, M2020EA, M2021AP, M2022AP, M2023AP, M2024AP, M2025AP, M2026AP, M2027AP, M2029AP, M2030EA, M2031AP, M2031EA, M2033AP, M2034EA, M2043AP, M2045AP, M2046EA, M2050EA, M2052EA, M2054EA, M2055EA, M2065EA, M2070EA, M2071EA, M2075EA, M2105CA, M2105EA, M2105US, M2108EA, M2108US, M2113EA, M2125EA, M2130EA, M2131EA, M2140EA, M2155EA, M2175EA, M2201AP, M2201EA, M2202AP, M2203AP, M2205EA, M2207AP, M2207EA, M2208EA, M2211AP, M2212AP, M2213AP, M2215AP, M2215LA, M2216AP, M2217AP, M2218AP, M2219AP, M2220AP, M2221AP, M2222AP, M2223AP, M2224AP, M2225AP, M2228AP, M2229AP, M2230AP, M2232AP, M2233AP, M2235AP, M2241AP, M2243AP, M2245AP, M2245EA, M2246EA, M2247AP, M2248EA, M2255EA, M2316EA, M2357EA, M2400, M2500.

Product Specifications:

Power Cord: Included
Input: 100-240V , 2.4A(2,4A), 50-60 Hz
Output: 90W 18.5V(18,5V) 4.9A(4,9A)
Size: 5.25" x 2.25" x 1.25"
Power :90 Watts
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes

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Toshiba  AC Adapter for Satellite 1600 Series Toshiba AC Adapter for Satellite 1600 Series
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Pavillion ZE/ZT Series AC Adapter Pavillion ZE/ZT Series AC Adapter
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